Our future "Reaching Your Highest Potential Programs" will be designed to meet each client exactly where they are. These creative programs will assist and engage them in progressing to their full capacity. This model will be used in all of the classes. We intend to partner with existing programs as well as developing new ones. Our programs aim to help develop and build communication and social skills, challenge minds with new technology, and uncover their hidden intellect and abilities. By exposing clients to a more integrated, inclusive community, it is our hope and intention that as a community we can help our adult children find their place in the world. Consciousness in Motion Academy programming will focus on art and technology (as a starting point) and will work with local resources to provide space, experienced support staff and other forms of involvement to help bring the concept to life.

In many cases we will partner with existing programs and adapt them to our needs. Some of classes that we are planning to include in the future are listed below.


Dance/Movement classes are designed to improve motor skills, build confidence and social skills. Through simple patterns, sequencing and repetition students will integrate body, mind and spirit while non-verbally expressing feelings and emotions.


Our classes reflect the greater art world offering drawing, painting, sculpture, multimedia, and photography, using both traditional and non-traditional materials – such as pastels, clay, watercolors, oil, recyclable materials and found objects.


Computer literacy skills are a vital part of modern life that open up opportunities for education and jobs. Classes will cover fundamental knowledge of computers and computing systems which include classes on coding, 3D-modeling, web and video design.

West African Drumming

Drumming teaches co-ordination, concentration, memory, focus, and self-expression. While playing rhythms from West Africa, participants build skills such as sharing, responsibility, and teamwork and additionally learn about the ethnic groups, the history, purpose, and cultural context of the music.

Community Involvement

Our community involvement outings are opportunities to experience real-life settings to strengthen and expand social and life skills which are important to learn both to stay safe, and to function in society, while engaging with and enjoying what our communities have to offer.

Work Skills

Behaving sensibly and appropriately at the workplace to create an everlasting impression means one needs to be professional and organized. Valuable communication and social skills such as listening, speaking, writing and teamwork prepare jobseekers for employment opportunities. These classes include grooming, creating a resume, interviewing skills, dining, interpersonal/social, telephone and digital etiquette.

Home Economics

Providing the knowledge and skills necessary to enhance nutritional wellness, while promoting independence in making healthy food choices supports normal growth, development and ageing, helps to maintain a healthy body weight, and reduces the risk of chronic disease. Through hands-on learning classes and activities, participants will learn about nutrition, cooking skills, healthy eating habits, safe and proper food preparation and storage, while incorporating trips to local restaurants, markets and gardens.