Frequently Asked Questions

We established this organization in order to answer all of your questions about how Autism Spectrum affects adults, their family members and their communities. HAVE MORE QUESTIONS? Please CLICK HERE and fill out the contact form and we will get back to you.

There are several reasons why we need another program for adults with autism.
• Autism doesn’t end when kids graduate from high school.
• Many kids don’t have the ability to become independent once they reach age 21.
• There are a limited amount of programs that support dependent adults on the spectrum.
• Without sufficient programs adults and their families face a lifetime of isolation at home.

We have an unwavering belief in the power of the human spirit. Where others see disability, we see possibility. Where they see limitations, we see potential. Just because one turns 21 chronologically doesn’t mean they stop learning. Humans will be adults for many more years than they were children. There is still a lifetime experiences to be had.

We have affiliations with a number of existing programs that can be customized and revised for the autistic spectrum. In every case there will be professional involvement.

This is one of the critical differences in our program. Our staff will come from the pool of educated and trained teachers and staff our kids had and were used to during their school years. Beyond that, we will have experts in the fields of technology, digital design, professional dancers and artists in music, movement and body work.

Join us and help us to create more independence and mastery to young adults. Our programs are unique and transform the lives of the everyone we bring them to, including parents, friends, etc.

Have you been searching for a way to make a difference? Let us show you the many ways that we can customize volunteer programs to fit your time, energy and expertise.

Donate today and help us deliver a vast amount of quality programs to as many people as possible. Our programs are unique and creative. They bring joy and mastery of learning to young adults.

We are also looking for use of small to large spaces for events and donations such as printing marketing materials, refreshments and other types of in-kind services.